How to Apply for Chainb
Founder/Supporters program

Dear Chainb users,

Here's how to apply for the Chainb Founder/Supporters program.
Chainb Founder/Supporters program is designed to give SYNCO token holders more benefits. If you hold SYNCO tokens for a designated time period, you can enjoy profit-sharing plans Chainb prepared

We are informing you that Chainb Founder/Supporters program has been changed in plan to share benefits with more holders.
◎ Application period
  • -Starts from Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, 17:00 PM
  • -First come, first served
    * When all the program participants are selected, we will notify the results through this notice.
◎ Qualifications and benefits
  • 1. Who can apply? Chainb users who hold the stated amount of SYNCO tokens for each status,
    and can deposit it for three months.
  • 2. Winners will be selected on a first come first served basis. (20% of the quota will be put on a waiting list.)
  • 3. Benefits
    Status Qualification No. Benefit Sharing percentage
    per person
    Founder 10 million SYNCO First 100 Shares 10% of quarterly profit 0.1%
    Supporters 1 million SYNCO First 2000 Shares 10% of quarterly profit 0.005%
◎ Application process
  • 1. Complete SMS authentication and ID Verification (KYC) at Chainb, after signing up.
  • 2. Create a SYNCO token wallet at Chainb.
  • 3. Check the qualification for each status and deposit the needed amount to the address stated below.
    - From your Chainb wallet, send SYNCO tokens to the address stated below.
    Status Address Copy Address Amount of SYNCO
    Founder 0x63AA4206b52533ba74754AA30b3d9900F323ba20 10 million
    Supporters 1 million
  • 4. Click Application Form below, and fill out the google form and submit it.

    Application Form

  • 5. Chainb will send you a confirmation email and SMS once your submission is completed.
The number of times that one can participate for
  • - Previous: You can apply for only one status. (You cannot apply for both Founder and Supporters programs.)
  • - Current: The multiple participation can be made by each person. (Able to sign up for more than one Founder/Supporters with one Chainb account)
    (e.g. Person holding 32 million SYNCO is eligible to participate in 3 times of Founder and 2 times of Supporters with one account)
For Your Information,
  • 1. If you already signed up for Founder / Supporters program before the changes are made, the new system will be applied to you, and you can still receive the benefits.
    (e.g. Previous Supporters(black) will be participated as a Supporters 5 account)
  • 2. Airdrops will be held on Nov 26(Mon) for the Founder / Supporters who signed up by Nov 25(Sun) by noon, and you will earn additional profits for the next 3 months.
  • 1. SYNCO tokens must be sent from the Chainb wallet.
        Do not send it from non-Chainb wallets such as MyEtherWallet or other cold wallets.
  • 2. The token will be deemed to be automatically locked for three months if you deposit in the wallet.
        (After three months, you can decide whether or not to prolong your participation in the program.)
  • 3. Prolonging the participation also follows the first come first serve principle. You can extend the participation as long as you want.
  • 4. If you didn’t make it in time, the tokens you sent will be returned to your wallet.

Founders and Supporters can enjoy various benefits of Chainb as stated above.
As Chainb grows further, the more benefits will be shared with early participants like you.
Don't miss out this great opportunity!

Thank you.

Chainb team