이벤트 [Announcement] Opening the Steak Service and Using the Steak Enforcement Decryption Guide 2019-09-04 18:37:11


This is the Chainb team. 

On September 11, 2019, we will open our Staking service. 

Staking service is a service where a certain amount of shares of cryptocurrency is used for blockchain network operation, 

and the stake entrusted to you in return is compensated.

By participating in the stake, you can increase the value of the cryptocurrency you own and contribute to the revitalization 

of the blockchain ecosystem.

Chainb's first encryption with a stake service is the Alphacon coin(ALPP).

Alphacon is its own mainnet core, which launched Mainnet 1.0 through the Proof of equity (Pos) v3 consensus algorithm, 

and can earn compensation for node operation.

Chainsb is also operating an alphacon node, and we would like to return to you the compensation proceeds we received 

from operating the node.

Starting with the application of the Alphacon coin(ALPP) Staking Service, the company will gradually expand into other

encryption blocks.

[Staking Service Open Guidance]
   - 2019.09.11 (Wed.) 

[When the Stake Profit occurs]
   - Every Monday at 11:00

[Stake revenue to be paid]
   - Staking participants

[Staking revenue distribution criteria]
   - Participation in staking weekly Mondays at 10:00 

※ Notes
   - Staking can be set on the [In and out]-[Incredible Encryption]-[Stake] tab.
   - Un-Stake will be reflected in assets after 72 hours.
   - Profits are not distributed for quantities waiting for Un-Stake. 

Thank you.


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