이벤트 [Announcement] Information on the 6th node reward and the deposits / withdraws of the alphacon coin(ALPP) 2019-06-19 18:58:32

Hello, members.

This will guide you through the deposits / withdraws of the Alphacon Coin (ALPP) and the sixth node reward.

On June 18, a hard-fork from Alpacon Coin (ALPP) was launched.

deposits / withdraws and staking have been stopped for wallet upgrades and node stabilization.

The currently suspended steaming will be re-executed once the wallet and node are stabilized. 

The corresponding sixth node reward will be paid in consideration of the period of the staking stop.

Subsequent deposits / withdraws of the Alpacon Coin (ALPP) will be open after the date of the transaction renewal (2019.6.25).

Thank you. 

Chainb Team.

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