이벤트 [Important notice] Announcement of alp tokens transaction suspension 2019-06-10 18:20:07

Hello, members. 

Alphacon tokens(ALP) that are listed in the Chainb ETH and SYNCO markets will be swapped for their mainnet coin ALPP. 

As a result, ALP, which is currently listed on the exchange, will be temporarily suspended 

from trading and will be exchanged for ALPP after taking a snapshot of its ALP holdings. 

After swapping the current ERC-20-based ALP to the mainnet coin ALPP, the 

Alpacon Foundation plans to launch an ALPP-based alpha-chain project. 

ALPP is an alphacon mainnet coin that follows the bitcoin convention, and the consensus algorithm follows PoS 3.0. 

The detailed source code can be found in the following github: (

The specific swap schedule is as follows: 

-June 19: ALP-ALPP Deposit Closed (a.m. 10:00)

-June 20: Suspend and snapshot (a.m. 10:00)

- June 21-24: ALPP distribution 

-June 25: ALPP re-listing (p.m. 15:00) 

※ All outstanding orders before the ALP-ALPP payment suspension will be cancelled. 

※ If you have ALP in your personal wallet, please deposit it into your exchange wallet a day before checking the snapshot for smooth swap. 

※ Please be aware that if you proceed with the deposit after the payment is stopped, you may not be eligible for token swap. 

※ Until the ALP transaction suspension on June 20, all ALPs held in wallets on the exchange will be automatically swapped to ALPP. 

Thank you. 

Chainb Team.

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