이벤트 [Announcement] Withdrawal Opening Hours - Energimine(ETK) 2019-05-08 16:22:21

Dear Chainb user, 

This is Chainb team. 

We are pleased to announce that Energimine(ETK) withdrawal service is scheduled to begin, as requested by our users. 

We appreciate your patience while we were working to provide a stable and secure service operation. 

[Type of Coin]

 - Energimine(ETK)

[Withdrawal Opening Hours] 

- 2019.05.09 (Thu) 11:00AM (UTC +9) (Expected) 

The volatility of a stock may occur investment loss on cryptocurrency after the withdrawal service is open. 

We will do our best for the continue to protect your assets. 

Thank you for choosing Chainb. 


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