이벤트 Update Notice for Changes in SYNOC Buyback and the Lower Rate Limit Policy 2019-02-13 18:58:16


This is the Chainb Team.

Thank you all for who participated on the first SYNOCO Buyback and Lower Rate Limit Policy.

We have updated some of our terms and conditions to promote the SYNCO Token Buyback & Lower Rate Limit Policy. 

Please be advised that orders will be subject to the SYNCO Token Buyback & Lower Rate Limit Policy until the end of the 5th phase. 

If your order is not fulfilled within the first 24 hours, it will automatically be cancelled.

This update helps prevent damage caused to a long-term investor and, prevent unstable and insecure trading that may be affected by excessive selling price.

Directly after the buyback, during the set-up process, some quantities can be concluded of below the lower limit due to excessive transactions.

1. Update Notice for Changes in SYNOC Buyback and the Lower Rate Limit Policy

- Date and Time: 2019/02/14/(Thr) 11:00 Expected (UTC+9)

[e.g.: Order from 2019/02/14/(Thr) 14:00 to 2019/02/15/(Fri) 14:00]

In between these hours, the unselected orders will be automatically cancelled.

2. The 2nd Buyback schedule has been postponed. 2019/02/18/(Mon) ~ 2019/02/22/(Fri)

This is temporary and can be adapted to market conditions. 

This policy takes precedence over asset protection and safe transactions of the SYNCO token participants at Chainb. 

The purpose is to protect SYNCO token participants profits. In the event of a contrary market reaction, it may be changed or withdrawn. 

Please be aware of this issue.

Thank you to all the users, we will do our best and continue to protect your assets. 

Thank you for choosing Chainb. 


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