이벤트 [Bitcoin Cash(BCH) - Deposit and Withdrawal Resume] 2019-01-10 18:26:37

Dear Chainb user,

This is Chainb team.

We temporarily blocked our deposit services due to an unstable network connection for Bitcoin cash(BCH). 

The deposit services have resumed as normal after we tested the network connection for stability.

[Bitcoin Cash(BCH) - Date and Time: BCH Deposit and Withdrawal Resume]

2019-01-11 (Fri) AM.11

[Bitcoin Cash(BCH)- Caution Before Deposit]

- Bitcoin Cash(BCH)- The deposit address can be used just as it was previously. 

The address for BCH contains a prefix (the "bitcoincash" in front of the address).

- Other exchanges may use a different name of cryptocurrency: therefore, please ensure that you spelled 

the cryptocurrency name correctly before you make a deposit.

 ex. Previous: BCHABC → Current: Make deposit to Chainb BCH Wallet Address

- BCHSV is in preparation and unable to process deposits at this moment.

- It might take longer processing time or unable to restore if you mistakenly deposit BCHSV: therefore, please double check that you have 

the right address and cryptocurrency before sending. 

Thank you for choosing Chainb and all your support. 

We will do our best to provide the best service.


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