이벤트 [Announcement] New Listing Coin - Alphacon (ALP) 2019-01-10 14:29:51


This is Chainb team.

A Blockchain-based healthcare project 'Alphacon' is scheduled to be launched.

Alphacon(ALP) is a project to establish ecosystem providing customized health solutions based on healthcare data. 

ALP collects and stores Bio-medical data which includes personal gene data, nutritional balance data, 

immunity and life log data analyzed from IoT/wearable device.

It's a project to build an ecosystem that's freely distributed and traded.

Alphacon Official Home Page


■ Chainb - Notice of the 'Alphacon' Listing

[Listed Cryptocurrency]

- Alphacon (ALP)

[Listing and Available Date for Transaction]

- Alphacon (ALP): 2019-01-15 (Tue.) after 15:00 (UTC +9)

[Wallet Open / Available Date for Alphacon Deposit]

- Further notice

Thank you.


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